Establish the Qualities of the right member for your Start-up
Example, here are Qualities we value:
-Result Oriented
-Positive Thinker/Attitude
-Great Motivator
-Takes Initiative
-Driven but slightly insecure
-Complementary skills
-Productive, with a sense of urgency to complete task TODAY not tomorrow
-“A”  Players/ Superstars
-Constantly Learning

Establish the Company Culture for your start-up
Example, here’s our culture:
-Health Oriented
-Common Vision
-Socially Conscience
-Family Oriented
-About Improving Environment
-Problem Solving
-Consensus Oriented
-Open Communication (Great Written and Verbal skills)
-Team spirit-cooperation as a skill
-Problem prevention
-Quality and continuous improvement

Start-up Hiring Points to Always Remember:
-Human capital should fit the brand and culture of the organization so both of those should be included in the recruitment strategy of new hires.

-Recruiting process should be ongoing, daily occurrence.

-Holdout for the best talent that fits the brand/culture of the company.

Methodology to Recruit People for your Start-up
-Email marketing.
-Post advertisements on social networking sites, job sites, blogs.
-Distribute promotion material on college campuses, job fairs, and unemployment services.
-Host fun events or informative, engaging seminars about your company and how you can help the attendees.
-Create Start-Up website.
-Create a video presentation for the start-up website/blog and email it to others.
-Offer internships or job skill training programs.

Have an initial phone/email/face-to-face interview with a candidate
Begin the interview by briefly explaining what your Start-Up company does then ask the following questions:

    1) Why do you want to work for a start-up?

    2) What is your availability (hours and days that you can work with us)?

    3) What are your strengths?

    4) What are your weaknesses?

End the interview after candidate answers these four questions.

Note: After this interview, evaluate the candidate’s responses based on the desired employee qualities.

Questions for First in-depth face-to-face Interview (should last a maximum of 30 minutes):
    5) Please describe yourself as a teammate and person within 2-3
        minutes ?

    6) A) What are your passions?

        B) How do you see this opportunity leading towards fulfilling those
    7) What is your idea of fun ?

    8) Who are your role models and why are they your role models?

    9) Where do you envision your career to be in 5 years?

   10) Provide an example of where you experienced adversity on a job or
         in  school and explain how you resolved the issue.

   11) What is your ideal working atmosphere? or What do you value in a
        co-worker or manager? (Don’t ask both questions)

   12) When can you start working?

   13) What does this opportunity need to provide for you to make a
        long-term commitment ?

   14) Do you have any questions?

Note: After this first face-to-face interview, evaluate the candidate’s responses based on the needs for your start-up and the desired employee qualities.

Questions for Second in-depth Face-to-Face interview:
  15) Why do you believe most start-ups fail?

  16) Are you willing and able to work with us for the first 30-90 days on a
       non-paid trial bases before receiving compensation?   
  17) A) Are you willing to do a 3-day test assignment that may include both on
      site (in office) and off site working hours?
       B) If so, what day this week will you be ready to do this test

  18) What qualities/traits do you believe make a business successful/profitable/ productive ?
  19) Do you have any questions?

Important Information about 3-Day Test Assignment
-During the 3-day test assignment, the company’s expectations should be clear and concise to the candidate.
-The culture and brand of the start-up should be clear to the candidate.
-Types of test assignments can include a combination of :
    1) Personality test or survey questions
    2) Essay
    3) Doing various tasks associated with the daily start-up operations and the candidate’s stated expertise/skills.

Note: After the second face-to-face interview and the test trial period,  evaluate the candidate’s responses and trial test results based on the needs for your start-up, the desired culture, and the desired member qualities of your start-up.

If happy with 2nd in-depth face-to-face meeting and 3-day trial test results:
Have phone or in-person discussion/negotiation with candidate about the details of compensation package including all benefits and perks provided beyond the 30-90 day trial period (if applicable). Also confirm a start date and hours expected to work.  Then schedule face-to-face hiring meeting.

Formal Face-to-Face Hiring meeting (happens only if compensation package and work arrangement is accepted by all parties)
- First: Sign confidentiality agreement
- Second: Sign compensation contract.
- Third: The day New Member starts Working = Hiring Success!

Attn Current and future owners of Startups: Do not need to feel the need to kiss us for giving this information.:)

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